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William Rose: I had a vague understanding about insurance before coming to this agency. Thanks to Helen’s help I actually felt like I made an informed decision on all of our insurance needs. The greatest thing about this office is that they don’t pressure you into buying anything. If you’re someone who appreciates a through explanation, competitive rates, and excellent customer service, I highly recommend this insurance agency and no other and most of all I recommend our agent, Helen. SHE ROCKS!!!

David Haynes: Recently someone, somewhere damaged the front and back of my car. Now, I have my car back and beautifully repaired. I went to Edward Hall’s auto body shop in Concord located right next to the Wells Fargo inspection office on Fremont Street. The auto body shop was terrific in every way. My “go-to” person at the shop while the car was in for repair was exceptional.

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Jolene Cameron: The agents were extremely professional and helpful. They were able to provide me with the most competitive quotes for my car, home, and workers compensation insurance. I am very happy with their services and would recommend them to anyone!

Dorothy Miles: I’ve been a loyal customer for over 8 years. My family has been a loyal customer for longer. I’ve refereed multiple number of people their ways which turned out to be their new customers. I’ve even refereed so companies to them which became their customers. I simply don’t see a reason why go anywhere. Thank you for giving me the best price highest service.

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Kerry Morton: Highly recommended and encourage everyone who is unsure of who to talk to in this industry to reach out to them!

John McCarthy: It’s nice to have your expectations in a business not only met but exceeded! Wells Fargo provided us with professional, friendly & effective service.

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