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Darren Owens: Lastly, after confronting Rebecca, she offered to refund less than a quarter of what we spent on her services. We hadn’t yet done out mid-year review! Conclusion: Rebecca is very interested in selling insurance policies. If you are interested in buying expensive disability insurance, and want to stack life insurance polices, then Rebecca is for you. She will go on about this ad nauseam. If you need financial planning read Suze Orman, and save your money. Rebecca is not a certified financial planner.

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US Bank credit card account login reviews

Judith Anderson: Equally so, was the US Bank team I was fortunate enough to talk to and correspond with and have on my side during the entire process. From initially reporting the claim, to renting a car, to keeping me informed. I would give all of them a 10 plus and then some. I feel very fortunate to have been a customer of the San Francisco US Bank office since the early 70’s. Dave, and his exceptional team have always looked out for my best interests and that is a very reassuring feeling.

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Samuel Snow: Diana is an outstanding agent. From my very first conversation with her over the phone to a year later my interactions with her have been great. She’s warm professional and always leaves you feeling confident that you’ve made the best possible choice amongst insurance agencies. It feels like a friend is handling my insurance needs instead of an agent and if excellence is what you’re looking for then Diana is the agent you need.

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