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Sears Minnesota Credit Card Payment Login Reviews

Courtney Stall: I just called in for an order which has been canceled after 18 hrs of order  the guy in shoe department hold me for 10mits after long waiting I hung up the phone not worth it.

Walter Jordan: Every time I go there, I wait for a cashier at least 15 minutes, I don’t understand why they are short staffed always, it is not even busy the hours I go there to shop. Fix it please!

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Sears MN Commercial Prepaid Card Login Reviews

Jacob Washington: Last night one of my girlfriends and I drove to San Fran all the way from Salinas for their New year new sex free workshop, and let me just say it was SO WORTH THE DRIVE!  we showed up very early to make sure we got seats, and thank the lord because by the time it started the place was PACKED.  The class was fantastic and the teacher was hilarious!  I didn’t expect to laugh that much at a sex class, but I did!  My girlfriends and I are thinking about making monthly trips to attend the teacher’s workshops! I highly recommend checking one out!

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Sears Minnesota Pay Online Reviews

Suzanna Rodgers: I love everything I’ve ever bought from here, especially the old Gratitude Wrap that I can’t seem to stop wearing. I really like the girl Sally even though the rest of the staff is also very helpful and knowledgeable.

Olivia Harvey: Huge store!! Five floors of the best of lululemon athletica products. The stafff is always helpful, nice and fun. The staff knows about the products and what they can do. There you can find not only shoes, but wristbands,watches,glasses….

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