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Jack Curtis: Don’t ever order a Green Dot Visa money card you will be profiled and you will be charged ridiculous fees when they don’t give you a credit line when it’s your money then once you purchase the card they tell you they going to cancel the card and send you a permanent card which they make you go on the internet and put all type of confidential information regarding you and your significant other they want you to send it via the Internet basically you’re being surveilled by the government and they ripping you off with fees don’t order a Green Dot prepaid card when you call to make complain illegal immigrants and foreigners answer the call you can’t make out what they’re saying bunch of crooks! Fyi cash

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Oscar Wellington: I honestly wouldn’t know what I would have done if I didn’t work with this company, they changed my credit within a very short period of time. I am a victim of identity theft, so my credit was tarnished due to that but after working with fix your credit for a short period of time I raised my scores significantly from the low 500’s to the mid 700’s and was able to get my credit life back in order. I definitely like working with this professional team whom actually cares about my long term financial success. I’ve had an opportunity to refer other individuals to this company and they’ve received the same exact care that I have received.

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Dorothy Bride: These guys are awesome! They are very knowledgeable and have great customer service! My business is staying with them and I would definitely recommend them!

Robert Hunt: Great guys! Very easy to work, great service and professional. They also get great rates on insurance. I highly recommend using them for your business, property or personal insurance.

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